I have used MichiganPro three

I have used MichiganPro three times in the last year. Every time I used MichiganPro, I called in and talked with Jan. Jan was so professional and kind. If I sent Jan an email, there was never a time I had to wait as Jan responded immediately no mater what time I contacted her. My inspector was Melvin. He is outstanding at his job. Melvin was so nice and kind with every inspection. He was very detailed with his inspection, and due to that, I saved myself a lot of money and headaches for future repairs. Based on the three inspections, MichiganPro demonstrated their ability to do quality inspections, quick turnarounds and very personable customer service. The skills that Jan and Melvin demonstrated made my life so much easier, as I knew they were looking out for my best interest. I would never go to anyone else for a home inspection, as I feel I found the best there is in the industry. Over and above their outstanding quality and efficiency, is their kindness. Buying a home is stressful, but MichiganPro will make the home inspection one less item to worry about. They are that great!

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