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Steve Owens was friendly, helpful,

Steve Owens was friendly, helpful, and professional. I would recommend him for any home inspection.

Terry J. Allen

Great job

5 Stars – because everyone who I spoke to at the MichiganPro Home Inspections was knowledgeable, friendly, patient and understanding. As an Associate-Broker Realtor with over 35 years experience I have attended many private home inspections. In fact I love attending private home inspections because I gain so much knowledge from the inspector that I often wonder if I should pay them for allowing me to attend the inspection! Bill Baughman conducted this particular inspection. I found him to be knowledgeable, engaged and engaging. Bill is a great home inspector with an intuitive understanding of the importance of his job and of the unsettling level of stress associated with the home buying process. He knows how to explain technical issues in layman’s terms and he certainly has a well rounded understanding of the many vitally important components and systems in an average family home. I have already referred MichiganPro Home Inspections to the 80+ agents at my office and I will definitely suggest that my buyers consider using MichiganPro for all their home inspection needs. Janice Daniels, Associate-Broker Realtor, Century 21 Town & Country, 4820 Rochester Rd., Troy, MI 48085.
J. Daniels

J. Daniels

I am so pleased with

I am so pleased with the professional and friendly services I received from Michigan Pro Home Inspections. I was “delivered” from a nightmare, first time home purchase. They performed an environmental mold inspection, as well as, a complete home inspection, both revealed costs that were beyond minor. For this reason, and the rapid response, I highly recommend using their services. Melvin, did a great job in inspecting the home, inside and out!

Deborah Ann Harris

Mike is the best! He

Mike is the best! He is knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Mike is very professional and skillful in troubleshooting areas of my home. He is reliable, flexible and dependable.


I cannot thank Jan and

I cannot thank Jan and Melvin enough for their quick, friendly and professional service for my buyers on their recent home purchase. Any questions I had were answered promptly and professionally.
5 out of 5 stars – ☆☆☆☆☆!!!!

Kayla Hawes
Crossroads Realty of Michigan

5 Star rating for Mark,

5 Star rating for Mark, 10 if possible. I wouldn’t be in my trailer now without Mark and Jan in scheduling. I first contacted him in mid September and after months of delays I actually walked through the inspection process with Mark before Thanksgiving when it was 23 degrees outside. Without hesitation he introduced himself and went to work doing the inspection. Pictures outside then to the roof he went. I stayed inside for the outside stuff of course.
He was professional, polite and thorough the entire time he was at my address pending purchase. Mark provided great explanations regarding some issues I already knew about and were going to address when I got the trailer.
He had detailed reports in a big email within 2 days. He had reports organized. He had pictures of everything in the inspection report that was easy to understand.
After the inspection I knew what needed to be done asap and what could wait until warmer weather. With his delayed inspection done I was now only dealing with the City of Midland for my 5th permit which I obtained a week later.
I am still in communication with him because I want him to know all my progress and to let him know I followed up with what his report showed. Everyone should contact Mark to do their inspections. Thank you Mark and Jan for making me a home owner in 2021.

Darla Sensabaugh

5 Star rating for Mark.

5 Star rating for Mark. I was fortunate to be at the site and walked through the inspection process with Mark. He was very thorough and provided excellent explanations regarding some areas of concern. Reports were well organized and electronically delivered in a timely manner. There were follow up communications as well, which provided me with the opportunity to discuss things further. Provided all that was necessary to help me make the best decisions regarding the purchase of a home. Thanks. Toby

Toby Slatter

Mark was very efficient and

Mark was very efficient and went above and beyond my expectations

Christa Kessler

I wanted to share with

I wanted to share with you that my home inspector (Bill) truly went above and beyond for me today and far exceeded my already very high expectations! I hired for a termite inspection and well water analysis for my Veterans Affairs mortgage refinance requirements. Instead of getting what he needed and getting out or rushing through things, Bill not only let my son and I follow him around, he patiently and thoroughly answered our 10,000 questions about our house. And most importantly for us, he pointed out every little thing around our house that has the potential of becoming something more, even though those things were not directly related to what we hired him for. And as a HUGE added bonus, he gave us great tips and tricks to save a ton of money by easily and efficiently fixing everything ourselves. In my opinion, he genuinely went the extra mile to make sure that I was a very satisfied customer and very well informed homeowner! If you ever need it, Home Inspections is truly your best bet!
Thank you,

Steven Huffer

Michigan pro did a fantastic

Michigan pro did a fantastic job inspecting the home we were looking at. Saved us from buying a money pit! Thankyou Michigan pro!

Eric Blaies

I was very impressed with

I was very impressed with how professional they are.Bill explained everything in detail.The other staff I spoke to on the phone also are very polite and professional.They are a awesome team.I will definitely recommend them.Thank all of yous very much.

Sandra Arnold
No company

Josh performed a very thorough

Josh performed a very thorough inspection on my first home purchase on 5/30/21. He took time to go through his findings with me in a manner that I could understand easily. Josh was super friendly and really made me feel knowledgeable about the things I would need to take care of with owning and maintaining a home. Thanks Josh!!

Katherine Stack

Well Done

The inspection was for a home purchase. Bill was pleasant, professional, very through, worked in a timely fashion and left things as he found them. As he was working, Bill pointed out certain critical items that would probably need attention right away. This was very helpful in making our final decision on the purchase.



I used this company for my home inspection for a purchase. He was very detailed and we ended up pulling out of the home contract because of the issues he uncovered. It was well worth the money to discover issues in advance of actually owning the house. Thanks for your help!

Kristina Bozoarth

Michigan Pro was able to

Michigan Pro was able to accommodate my deadline. ALL of the staff were friendly and professional, and were more than willing to answer my numerous questions. Home inspection can be somewhat stressful, but Bill, at Michigan Pro, made it an enjoyable, educational experience. From the first phone call to the professional report, I highly recommend Michigan Pro.

Niki McCarthy
HGTN Properties LLC

From my first interaction through

From my first interaction through the end michiganpro was excellent. The customer service when I called to make the appointment was fun and friendly. My inspector Matt really made us feel comfortable. He took the time to explain everything in detail. His report was thorough and detailed with lots of photos. I will recommend this service to all of my family and friends. I feel really lucky to have stumbled across michiganpro.

Wendy LaPlante

Very thorough,was very informative. I

Very thorough,was very informative. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know

Adam pendleton

I was very impressed with

I was very impressed with how prompt, thorough and helpful my inspector Matt Lockwood was. I was given excellent photos along with very detailed explanations of what was found during the inspection. Matt also talked with me personally to further explain what he saw and to answer all of my questions. I feel very secure in buying the home knowing that a real professional went through and checked everything. I could tell that Matt knew what he was talking about. I would definitely highly recommend him and his company to friends or family.

Lawrence Cesal

Very friendly! Had someone

Very friendly! Had someone in my house In less than 24hrs. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Clay Yoder

Matt was awesome and so

Matt was awesome and so kind and knowledgeable. Because of Matt I will be using your company for future home inspections.

Malayala Ann Garcia

Jeff was great In walking

Jeff was great In walking us through our home i inspection and had great knowledge in what he was doing.while able to explain In detail to us what he was looking for and why.i would use him again when i need a i Spector.his friendly service and expertise is exactly what we ask for. Thank you for all your help.

David Smith

I was impressed with how

I was impressed with how through they were. The inspection report was very detailed. A little hard to follow. Would definatly recommend them.

Daniela Weir

I am so impressed with

I am so impressed with Bill’s skills. I have already recommended him to two agents with the highest praise of excellence I have ever seen….This gentleman is by far relentlessly detailed in his search for the truth of the matter at hand. His devotion to you alone when he is working through every nook and cranny.. In fact he saved me from having buyers remorse, and now I will be calling him to do another inspection very shortly. Just as soon as I find another home. I already looked at the areas he covers and he will be right there by our side once again. I must say he is worth every penny it cost us to have the super duper inspection he did. He saved us from making a huge wrong move….we love him. I will be his walking advertisement. I told Sean Konja my agent he must use him always and to tell all his team of agents at Keller Williams he is the man! to use him is his areas. We will be calling you within days for another inspection. We are looking in the area of Essexville. I am excited to call again. If you ever do a commercial call me I will testify to his quality and expertise. Not to mention his team of people who make sure all runs seamlessly. Jan you are forever great too. You all made me feel like Family. I just love discovering hard working honest and reliable craftsman who deserve the attention…..John said he would work for him as his assistant any time. I wanted to feed him but he wouldn’t stop. One more thing, one more thing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for us.
Sincerely, Deborah Cracchiolo, & John Derr Beers

Deborah Cracchiolo

Kase Dykstra The guy I

Kase Dykstra The guy I worked with was awesome we’re well spoken and loud “Which I like” easy to hear him and he knew what he was talking about. Would recommend these guys to everyone. I will definitely be using them in the future. Thx again!!!

Kirk whitt

the home inspection by Jim

the home inspection by Jim he was professional and did a very good job looking at the property. He was informative with all the ideams he looked at explaining all his finding.

Theresa Davis

Melvin did a great job

Melvin did a great job very professional done . And the knowledge he had was very helpful . Taught me what to look for next time but would hire again

Mark Dolinski

We are very satisfied with

We are very satisfied with their services.Melvin is great and very knowledgeable.The whole team Bob and Jan have been so helpful with all our questions. We will definitely recommend them to our friends.

Michael G Sundberg

As most of you are

As most of you are aware, it is very stressful to purchase a forever home. One of the things you want to feel satisfied with is the quality of home your purchasing.

My friend referred me to MichiganPro and my husband Dave & I were pleasantly pleased!

Melvin was amazing! He was professional and extremely detailed with the entire house. He thoroughly went over the home inside & out. He allowed us to walk with him and ask any questions we had. He answered everything and taught us a ton.

My husband generally feels like an inspection is just another cost when purchasing a home, after meeting Melvin he was extremely impressed and fully believes in an inspection now. Melvin worked hard inspecting the home for roughly 3 1/2 hours. We received a full report with pictures.

We cannot thank Melvin enough for the quality inspection he did. He is passionate about his job and it shows through his quality of work. We took several business cards and we will be referring friends & family to you.

Thank you for caring, we appreciate you Melvin!

Annette R Grodzicki

Great company! Matt did

Great company! Matt did my inspection in July 2019 and he was very thorough, knowledgeable, informative and conscientious. The inspection revealed too many costly repairs so I did not take the property but I was so grateful that I had Matt to inspect . He was very professional and insightful. I will certainly call Michigan Pro for any future needs! Thanks. Special thanks and gratitude to Matt.

Sandra Conners

Terrific service

Terrific service from both the office and the inspector. Easy communication, scheduling, simple service contract and payments, clear service expectations, excellent inspection details with a clear report through HomeGauge, and follow up calls to talk about things I didn’t understand.

Mark G.

Matt did a thorough job

Matt did a thorough job with my inspection. I was very pleased with quality of his picture and detail of his report. MichiganPro Home Inspections prevented me from making a bad real estate purchase.

I will use your services again in the future.

Elliott Kuelz

April 16,2019 Met Matt

April 16,2019 Met Matt at the house I hoped to purchase, Great 1st impression and he wasted no time ,he explained the process and he got right to work. The process took about 3 hours and he explained some of the findings with us, unfortunately there were many many problems and sent us the report. What an eye opener, what pros!! Never inspect without them!! They look where you don’t and you’ll have no surprises after it’s finished, you will know all!

Ken Reid

My sister’s house flooded while

My sister’s house flooded while she was visiting us over Christmas and New Year’s (2017). Her insurance company hired the mold remediation company and they did such an incomplete job that I hired MichiganPro to do an independent inspection. Matt Lockwood and Bill B were so knowledgeable and helpful. They helped us understand what needs to be done in such a situation. Matt’s inspection was thorough, his written report was complete and very specific. Matt’s work has helped us to hold the insurance company accountable to do a more thorough mold remediation. Thank you Matt and Michigan.Pro!


MichiganPro did air sampling for

MichiganPro did air sampling for mold at a home I was looking at. So glad I got the information I needed to make an informed decision!

Mark T

I have used MichiganPro three

I have used MichiganPro three times in the last year. Every time I used MichiganPro, I called in and talked with Jan. Jan was so professional and kind. If I sent Jan an email, there was never a time I had to wait as Jan responded immediately no mater what time I contacted her. My inspector was Melvin. He is outstanding at his job. Melvin was so nice and kind with every inspection. He was very detailed with his inspection, and due to that, I saved myself a lot of money and headaches for future repairs. Based on the three inspections, MichiganPro demonstrated their ability to do quality inspections, quick turnarounds and very personable customer service. The skills that Jan and Melvin demonstrated made my life so much easier, as I knew they were looking out for my best interest. I would never go to anyone else for a home inspection, as I feel I found the best there is in the industry. Over and above their outstanding quality and efficiency, is their kindness. Buying a home is stressful, but MichiganPro will make the home inspection one less item to worry about. They are that great!

Ray Williams

5.0   |  05-01-2018

Review by Sirena C. in Troy, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

They were very professional, had a construction background, So he was very knowledgeable. We have used them twice now and Worth every penny.


5.0   |  04-11-2018

Review by Chris R.

Project: Inspect a Home

My sister had highly recommended this company to hire for my home inspection, due to the quality she herself had, when hiring them for her own. The property was thoroughly inspected to a manner in which I had no worries when all was finished. Melvin was the inspector, and did the job above and beyond, with honesty and respect. I never felt as if I were bothering him with the many questions that arose while inspecting, not to mention, a few phone calls that I had made in asking questions a week after the inspection. Like my sister, I highly recommend this company to all who are looking for an in-depth, honest, and safe home inspection! -Christopher & Jennifer Ross


5.0   |  03-02-2018

Review by Rhonda B. in Lake, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

They were very friendly and professional. The inspector was extremely knowledgeable. He showed us the problems with the house. He kept us informed on what he was doing and why. Our inspector was truely looking out for us. He saved us from ending up in a home that would have been dangerous and would have ended up costing a fortune down the road. I recommend them very highly.


5.0   |  02-27-2018

Review by Tamara L. in Wixom, MI

Project: Inspect a Home


5.0   |  02-18-2018

Review by Tahanni D. in Saginaw, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very professional and very thorough


5.0   |  04-13-2017

Review by Jason W. in Gladwin, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very honest and up front folks who get it done and offer frank advise for getting things fixed too. Having a solid company go over your home and break down where it needs attention most is imperative. I hired these guys twice because they are THAT good!


5.0   |  03-13-2017

Review by Steve C. in Lupton, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Good inspector, He really knew about inspecting a home and well and septic. Good pics and easy to understand remedies etc.


5.0   |  03-12-2017

Review by Michael E. in Milford, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He was a very friendly and knowledgeable inspector. He did an extremely thorough job and answered every question we had. The final report was A+ for accuracy, thoroughness and detail, everything you are looking for to reveal potential defects and issues etc. I chose the right outfit for my inspection! Highly recommended.


4.0   |  03-04-2017

Review by a homeowner in Lake Orion, MI

Project: Inspect a Home


5.0   |  02-23-2017

Review by Josephine H. in Ashley, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very nice people! They definitely go above and beyond when you have questions after hours. Jan emailed me back at 8:30 p.m 20 minutes after I emailed her on a Saturday! I definitely believe they are the best around! We got a Military discount as well! Melvin was our inspector and took many questions from us once we got our report back and proof was in the inspection report. He called us back very quickly after he was notified we had questions. We are very satisfied with our experience.

  |  02-19-2017

Review by Gregory M. in Houghton Lake, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Mark my inspector was very through, checked every little thing to make sure it was all right. Did a great job. Would highly recommend them to anyone.


5.0   |  01-21-2017

Review by Mark M. in Roscommon, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very easy to work with. Professional and very thorough. Found issues with the house I was buying that saved me a lot of head aches. Best money I ever spent. Sent report the same evening.


5.0   |  01-01-2017

Review by Michelle R. in Lupton, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

All employees are very professional. Communication is great! It was Christmas season and all of them remained in contact. From Jan, to Bill and Melvin. The inspection was very thorough. I am very satisfied with this company. From your first phone call, to the inspection and then the follow up, everyone worked very quickly. They understood that I had an immediate family crisis and was between two hospital's for both loved one's. I gave permission for someone else to speak on my behalf during that time. He told me how impressed he was as well, with the communication and follow up. This team at MichiganPro are truly the BEST to work with. You will always get a human on the other end of the phone and your experience will be genuine, courteous and professional. The inspector found mold, we had them send it out to lab and the results were back in 48 hours! If you're buying a home, I would highly recommend MichiganPro. This is a great TEAM. Thank you Jan, Bill and Melvin for everything! May you all have a Happy New Year and continued blessing's!!! Michelle R. & Jim M.


5.0   |  12-06-2016

Review by Jason W. in Roscommon, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He was on time, courteous, thorough, and prompt at providing the finished report the SAME day. I learned a lot from hiring these pro's.


5.0   |  11-28-2016

Review by Brandon R. in Petoskey, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very knowledgeable and thorough.


5.0   |  10-26-2016

Review by James F. in Farwell, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He gave a lot of help advice on other issues, prompt very thorough.


5.0   |  09-02-2016

Review by Mike B. in West Bloomfield, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He was professional, prompt, informative and friendly. We really appreciated his expertise.


5.0   |  08-21-2016

Review by Cindy D. in Lewiston, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He was professional, prompt, informative and friendly. We really appreciated his expertise.


5.0   |  08-05-2016

Review by a homeowner in Ashley, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very detail oriented and friendly people.

  |  06-23-2016

Review by Norman S. in Linden, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very thorough inspection. Inspector experienced and knowledgeable and found things I wouldn't have thought of looking at. Would highly recommend and have already forwarded their name and number to a friend looking to buy a property.


5.0   |  06-12-2016

Review by Erik D. in Gaylord, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He was great and worth every penny! He was incredibly thorough and really put us at ease about the inspection process. Very trustworthy!





5.0   |  06-11-2016

Review by Doug M. in Roscommon, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very good people to work for. The results were very professional in my opinion. Would highly recommend their services.


5.0   |  05-31-2016

Review by a homeowner in Hillman, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Exceptional detail, blew my expectations away.


5.0   |  05-25-2016

Review by Robert B. in Charlevoix, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very good


5.0   |  05-21-2016

Review by Dan S. in Gladwin, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Showed up on time. Were concerned with my concerns. Treated me like I was the most important customer.


4.5   |  05-19-2016

Review by Janet S. in Plainwell, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

This company was on time, professional, polite and knowledgeable. They made the process easy and painless.


5.0   |  05-06-2016

Review by Rick C. in Ada, MI

Project: Inspect a Home



5.0   |  03-03-2016

Review by Marla B. in Gladwin, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Our inspector was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Great customer service by all the MichiganPro team members whenever I called. I would highly recommend this company.


5.0   |  02-29-2016

Review by Shannon D. in Saginaw, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Friendly, great customer service and they explain everything to you thoroughly.


5.0   |  02-20-2016

Review by Alisha S. in Lapeer, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very easy to work with. Very knowledgeable


5.0   |  01-04-2016

Review by Annette R. in Kalamazoo, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very timely and experienced. I couldn't be happier with their service.


5.0   |  12-10-2015

Review by a homeowner in White Cloud, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Informative and helpful. Thanks!


5.0   |  10-07-2015

Review by Zac P. in Sodus, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Easy experience. Very thorough and knowledgeable


4.0   |  08-17-2015

Review by a homeowner in Carp Lake, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very professional


4.5   |  07-12-2015

Review by Joe R. in Flushing, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

great job and very thorough report quick turn around as well


5.0   |  06-19-2015

Review by Valda B. in Grayling, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Bill returned my call promptly and educated me for 20-30 minutes about the process of home inspection and the purpose of each step. Then I was sent a sample report including photos and a contract to sign. Mark showed up promptly and welcomed questions as he systematically performed a thorough inspection. He gave us valuable comments as he worked knowing that we were anxious to know some preliminary info. He followed up with a call and formal report within 36 hrs and saved us going into a purchase that could have been burdened with expensive fixes. More $$ than av inspection but worth it!!



4.5   |  01-17-2015

Review by Adri B. in Saint Helen, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He got back to me immediately after receiving the email from this website. He was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He's a very busy man, but managed to adjust his schedule for us multiple times. The inspection report was very well set up and he personally called us to review it. I will continue to recommend him.


4.5   |  11-25-2014

Review by Greg W. in Vassar, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

This company's efficiency and attention saved me a lot of heartache and pain and money. They identified multiple deficiencies not disclosed by the property seller or realtor that would've cost me thousands if not tens of thousands. I hated the cost, but it saved me a lot of money and heartache and pain. They are awesome to deal with and very detail-oriented. I will hire them again should the need arise.


5.0   |  09-18-2014

Review by Tim P. in Clio, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

The home inspection took approximately 5 hours (large property) and well worth the expense and highly recommend anyone to hirer this company.


4.5   |  06-16-2014

Review by a homeowner in Owosso, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Excellent summary packet.


5.0   |  05-29-2014

Review by a homeowner in Wolverine, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He was very professional and very knowledgeable.


5.0   |  04-27-2014

Review by Sandy N. in Mancelona, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He was very thorough, helpful, friendly, and took the time to explain things. I definitely will recommend him


  |  07-02-2013

Review by Mark H. in Indian River, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He was very professional, very thorough and very competent. I will use him again if I have the need. I have already recommended him to others.


5.0   |  08-16-2012

Review by Wallis A. in Petoskey, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

He was prompt, thorough, professional, and pleasant. We appreciated his expertise; his report (as well as his in-person information) has given us a detailed to-do list for when we actually own the property--what's urgent, what can wait a bit.


5.0   |  07-11-2012

Review by Thomas H. in Kalkaska, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Very prompt initial response and follow-up. All work completed in a timely manner, with complete report provided!


5.0   |  06-17-2012

Review by Kurt K. in Harbor Springs, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Working with MichiganPro Home was a great experience. Very timely, efficient, flexible with my schedule and thorough. The final report was turned around quickly, was complete and professional and the electronic version was easy to use and share. He was great in his customer service and follow up as well after delivery of the report. I would highly recommend! Thanks for making the inspection process easy for us!


5.0   |  05-24-2012

Review by Sandra B. in Mancelona, MI

Project: Inspect a Home

Hiring this home Inspector was the best money I ever invested. The Inspection was extremely through and very helpful. I would never consider buying another home without and Inspection!! I would highly recommend this individual to perform any Home Inspection.

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