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What is not included?

This will be the shortest post to date. There just isn’t much we don’t do. To sum it up we inspect nearly everything. For instance, most homes have one garage therefore we always include that. Furthermore, when the property has more than one garage, a barn, or even a second home, we absolutely will inspect… Read more »

What’s covered in an inspection?

Our Standards For your information, I’ve attached a couple of links to show our standards follow those of the professional organization “NACHI”. The inspection is not invasive; meaning we leave the home the way we found it and do not cut, drill, or alter the home in any way to inspect. Tools make… Read more »

Do Homes Fail An Inspection?

We often get asked in one way or another if we’ll “fail” a home or parts of a home inspection. We inspect homes and commercial buildings in all sorts of conditions. We’ve inspected abandoned homes and multi-million dollar homes with a private boat slip. We see everything you can imagine… and a lot more! You’d… Read more »

How long does the inspection take?

Well, here we go with a massively broad question. Not so hard to answer once we narrow down what’s going to be included in your inspection package, but as a matter of planning for your schedule, we really do need to break it down. Of course, we want to be respectful of the schedules of… Read more »