I am so impressed with

I am so impressed with Bill’s skills. I have already recommended him to two agents with the highest praise of excellence I have ever seen….This gentleman is by far relentlessly detailed in his search for the truth of the matter at hand. His devotion to you alone when he is working through every nook and cranny.. In fact he saved me from having buyers remorse, and now I will be calling him to do another inspection very shortly. Just as soon as I find another home. I already looked at the areas he covers and he will be right there by our side once again. I must say he is worth every penny it cost us to have the super duper inspection he did. He saved us from making a huge wrong move….we love him. I will be his walking advertisement. I told Sean Konja my agent he must use him always and to tell all his team of agents at Keller Williams he is the man! to use him is his areas. We will be calling you within days for another inspection. We are looking in the area of Essexville. I am excited to call again. If you ever do a commercial call me I will testify to his quality and expertise. Not to mention his team of people who make sure all runs seamlessly. Jan you are forever great too. You all made me feel like Family. I just love discovering hard working honest and reliable craftsman who deserve the attention…..John said he would work for him as his assistant any time. I wanted to feed him but he wouldn’t stop. One more thing, one more thing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for us.
Sincerely, Deborah Cracchiolo, & John Derr Beers

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