5 Star rating for Mark,

5 Star rating for Mark, 10 if possible. I wouldn’t be in my trailer now without Mark and Jan in scheduling. I first contacted him in mid September and after months of delays I actually walked through the inspection process with Mark before Thanksgiving when it was 23 degrees outside. Without hesitation he introduced himself and went to work doing the inspection. Pictures outside then to the roof he went. I stayed inside for the outside stuff of course.
He was professional, polite and thorough the entire time he was at my address pending purchase. Mark provided great explanations regarding some issues I already knew about and were going to address when I got the trailer.
He had detailed reports in a big email within 2 days. He had reports organized. He had pictures of everything in the inspection report that was easy to understand.
After the inspection I knew what needed to be done asap and what could wait until warmer weather. With his delayed inspection done I was now only dealing with the City of Midland for my 5th permit which I obtained a week later.
I am still in communication with him because I want him to know all my progress and to let him know I followed up with what his report showed. Everyone should contact Mark to do their inspections. Thank you Mark and Jan for making me a home owner in 2021.

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