Inspection Expectations

We find that everyone from a first-time buyer to real estate investors wants to know… Also, what’s going to happen when I hire you, and what will I get out of our inspection?

These are fantastic questions! Of course, the best solution is a system and process to follow. Then, getting distracted by a single issue and missing other areas or items just doesn’t happen.

Details matter and our goal is to get you the information you need to “Close With Confidence”. Here’s the simple version of our process and a link to our published standards.

The Process

  • Introduction (if you as the client are present at the start of your inspection)
  • Unlock the home and get some lights on
  • Preform a quick preliminary walkthrough inside the home
  • Quick exterior walk around and get wide photos of all sides of the home
  • Detailed exterior
    • Siding
    • Doors/windows
    • Deck/patio
    • Electrical
    • Faucets
    • Garage
  • Roof inspection
    • Roofing
    • Flashing
    • Chimineys
    • Attic ventilation
    • Gutters
  • Interior inspection
    • Room by room
      • The inspector may choose to inspect one room at a time
      • All systems will be checked in each room before moving on to the next room
    • System by system
      • With some homes the inspector may choose to inspect each system in it’s entirity before moving to the next system.
        • Interiors (Doors, walls, counters/cabinets…)
        • Plumbing (Supply lines/fixtures, drain lines, water heater, fuel/gas lines…)
        • Electrical (Panels, Connected devices/fixtures, wiring, GFCI, Smoke/CO detectors…)
        • Heating and A/C (Furnace, A/C unit, ductwork, filters, chimneys, fire places…)
        • Insulation and Ventilation (Attic, basement, crawlspace)
        • Structure (Foundations, walls, piers/post, attic…)
        • Appliances (Washer, dryer, stove, dishwasher…)
        • Pest and Termite Inspection
          • NPMA-33 Certificate if needed
        • Microbial Growth Inspection (Yes this means mold)
          • Mold testing


Now you may be thinking “There’s a lot in that list I don’t know about.” By all means, this is normal and we don’t expect you to speak “inspector” or “contractor”. Uniquely our inspectors will take the time to make sure your concerns are understood. If present at the inspection you’ll walk away with a general idea of how things went.

Details, details, details! Time for the report. Follow the link below for a sample report from HomeGauge (the reporting software we use).

The inspector will have your detailed inspection report to your “In Box” by the day after the inspection (the same day if needed). Surely your inspection report will be highly detailed in an outline format and include dozens of pictures. Also, the report narratives will have the details needed for you, your realtor, and/or a contractor to know what was found; most contractors find our reports detailed enough to give estimates.

More Than Just a Report

Your report is more than a report. In fact, it’s a tool. You control access by adding (and removing) any email you’d like to give access like your realtor, contractors, and family members. There’s more. As an added bonus, you can make a custom repair list to send specific items to a realtor or contractor for items you’d like to bring attention to… it gets better. After all, most homes have those little things that aren’t a big deal in the grand scheme of a real estate transaction, but you still have a “honey-do list” right? After you’ve moved in and the dust has settled, make your own checklist of things you can DIY or turn into a weekend project.

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We aren’t done! Ultimately as a client, we are your lifelong resource for your home-related questions. Questions come up and we’ll find answers to them. Not sure a contractor did a job correctly? New water stain showing up a year after you moved in? We’ll answer what we can by phone, video chat, text, or if needed a discounted inspection of the new issue.

More questions? Please contact us!

2 Timothy 2:15
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