Certified Home Inspectors in Detroit, Michigan

Are you looking for an experienced home inspector? The inspectors at MichiganPro Home Inspections have over 100 years of combined experience doing home inspections for buyers and sellers. See below for some of the services we offer.

Mold Testing and Inspections

Owning a home with mold could potentially risk your health as well as the health of others living in your home. A mold inspector can look a home over for potential concerns and let you know if he finds anything. We will check the entire home for mold during an inspection. Mold testing is done by taking direct samples or by air testing.

Certified Pest and Insect Inspections

Pests and insects can jeopardize your health and the health of those living in your home. Before purchasing a home, you should have a pest and insect inspection completed. During a home inspection we will look for any signs of pests and insects and any damage done to the home by them. We will send you an electronic report with our findings. Each home inspection includes a pest and insect inspection.

Air Quality and Radon Testing 

In the United States, the second-leading cause of lung cancer is radon. We can provide radon testing so you will know whether the home has high radon levels prior to purchase. We can use air quality testing to see if there are any harmful chemicals in the air of the home.

Professional Septic System Inspections

As one of the preeminent companies in Detroit, MichiganPro Home Inspections can efficiently inspect the septic system of a home. We will use a function test to verify how well the septic system is working. The inspector will let you know if any issues arise during the test.

Expert Well Water Testing

Are you looking to purchase a home with a well?  Making sure your water is free of contaminants is important. We will inspect the condition of the well and provide you with a report of our findings. We use a state licensed independent lab to test our water samples. 

To schedule a home inspection or any other services you need, please call our office at 800-470-7938.