Certified Home Inspections in Commerce Township, Michigan

If you’re looking for certified home inspections in Commerce Township, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of residential home inspectors has over 100 years of combined experience providing Commerce Township with professional inspections. They are skilled at inspecting homes that are being bought or sold in Michigan. Learn more about some of our Commerce Township home inspection services below.

Expert Mold Inspection Services

Mold can pose a dangerous threat to your family members and other loved ones. We offer expert mold inspection services for our customers in Commerce Township. Mold inspection can be extremely beneficial if water damage has occurred, if you’re buying a new home, or after mold remediation. We will go through your entire house to ensure all mold has been removed.

Pest and Insect Inspections

Insects and pests can invade your home and cause a variety of issues. Termites are some of the worst pests of all. Our team is experienced in inspecting homes for termites and other pests—they can ensure your home is safe.

Radon and Air Quality Testing

Radon is a potentially deadly radioactive gas that rests in the soil. It’s very important to make sure the home you’re buying doesn’t have radon gas present. Through our certified home inspections in Commerce Township, our team can verify if radon or other harmful air quality issues are present.

Professional Septic Tank Inspection

Septic systems can be unpredictable and determining how long they’ll last can be difficult. Our experts can perform a well septic load test to make sure your septic system is working as it should.

Well Load Test and Inspections

If you’re buying a home with a well, it’s very important to verify that your well is providing your home with safe drinking water. Homes with a well often require a water softener or an iron filter to produce clean drinking water.

Sewer Line Scope

The pipe that runs between your home waste system and the city sewer system could be damaged by roots, cars driving over the pipe or it could simply be an aged clay tile. This problem could cost you thousands of dollars to fix since the pipe is the homeowners responsibility not the city’s responsibility.  Let our certified home inspectors scope the pipe to see if there are problems.

At MichiganPro, we offer top-tier certified home inspections in Commerce Township. Contact us today for expert home inspections in Commerce Township today.