Certified Home Inspectors in Gaylord, Michigan

Are you in need of certified home inspectors in Gaylord, Michigan? If so, you’ve come to the right place. With a combined total of over 100 years of experience, our team of expert home inspectors provides professional home inspection services in Mackinaw, Cheboygan, Alpena and Grayling, Michigan. See the list of full services below to make sure you have inspected all that you desire to be sure you are comfortable with your home purchase.

Professional Mold Inspection Services

More than 52.5% of homes have some level of mold present in them. Our experts will inspect your home for any traces of moisture or mold that could adversely affect your health. The testing may include IR cameras, Moisture Meters and Hygrometers to determine the cause and isolate the mold issue. Our Gaylord home inspectors will do a full inspection and review the results of the inspection and testing so that you are fully aware of any concerns.

Expert Septic Tank Inspection

We are certified septic tank inspectors, and we can help make sure your septic system is free of problems. We’ll do a comprehensive septic tank inspection to make sure your septic system is working as efficiently as possible thru visual inspection of the open tank, with flow and load testing.

Well Performance Testing

Our professional Gaylord Home Inspectors will inspect your well to make sure it’s working properly, by checking pressure, flow and recovery short cycling and no recovery systems and we’ll provide suggestions for any repairs that seller can implement before you close.

Extensive Pest and Insect Inspections

Carpenter ants and bees, Wood destroying beetles in a home can cause a host of issues. We have not found a termite in Northern Michigan in our 13 years of inspecting homes, but you may be required to have your home inspected for pests if you’re trying to take out a VA, FHA, or RD loan. Our licensed home inspectors in Gaylord, Michigan, will inspect your home for pest and insects and visually confirm if any are present in your home.

Comprehensive Radon Air Quality Testing

Radon is a gas that can cause lung cancer according to the EPA and is 2nd among causes for that cancer behind smoking.  Our experienced home inspectors will do testing to determine if radon and other harmful chemicals are present in your home. Once our inspection is complete, we will review the results with you so that you understand what we found and how you should proceed to correct the issue.

Water Quality Testing

When buying a home in Gaylord, MI area, you need to verify that the well water is potable and safe to drink. We will follow protocol to test for E coli, Coliform, Nitrates, Nitrites, Arsenic, Copper and Lead. We send these samples to a State of Michigan Certified Laboratory and review the results with you upon publishing.

Air Quality Testing

With a mold inspection or environmental inspection our certified inspectors may perform air quality testing, direct swab or tape testing, bacteria testing, air particle analysis testing, volatile organic chemical testing, VOC testing, meth testing, analyte testing, formaldehyde testing. Our IAQ professional inspectors will inspect the home from attic to crawl to find potentially harmful substances that could make your family ill.

If you’re buying or selling a home, our home inspectors in Gaylord, Michigan, can help. Contact our professional team to get your home inspected today.